Showing up…

How much of life is simply showing up?

When you reach a certain age you start to get special perks and opportunities. For me one of those opportunities was to run in a special track meet. The competition was not particularly fierce.  Not because of lack of talent but because of lack of attendance.  I enjoyed it anyway as it gave me chance to reminisce and some much needed motivation to get in a little better shape.

I was moved-and encouraged by a lady who was in her nineties and competed in several events and won all of them.  Of course the field in her age group was pretty sparse. She was the only one in her age group at the event. I have to say that just showing up when you are ninety-four to an event like this deserves a gold medal!  I guarantee you if she spends much time in the rocking chair that she is rocking hard! My goal is to be where she is in 40 years… and to have a lot of company!

Just showing up isn’t what life is all about but it is a good start. Showing up shows that you care and gives you an opportunity to do good something good.  You can’t do it all in this life. You have to pick your spots. Most my age don’t show up for these things because there are too many other things going on. We have careers, kids, spouses and homes that need repair. I get it. We all have enough to do without coming up with something new. We do what is important to us but sometimes we go so wrapped up in the day to day that we wind up saving our lives for later.  One of the problems with that is that sometimes there is no later.  We plan on being around for eighty years but that doesn’t always happen and if it does we might not be physically able to do what we can do now. 

 So try not to let your priorities get out of whack.  While I spend most of my time providing for my family I still know it is important to spend time with my family, keep myself healthy, do things that are fun, and try to accomplish some things that matter. If you work it out right you can get some overlap going.  A word to all you couch potatoes; if your body belongs in the dumpster you might find it hard to do the other things on that list. I’m just sayin’…

So for the most part you work hard and long and take advantage of your opportunities when you can.  Try to spend some quality time with family near and far and to try to mix your passions with your work whenever you can.  For me this week it included meeting some new people and reliving my glory days a little.

By the way, I won all of my events for my age group.  Not due to any great talent on my part. I just showed up.

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One Response to Showing up…

  1. I really like your theme of just showing up! That’s a great thought for me to remember today.

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