Class action? Do they really benefit the “Class”?

Am I the only one being bothered by class actions suits in which the individual recipients get awards of around $5 but the legal team gets $90,000,000?

The targets are usually large companies who serve a lot of people. Phone companies, insurance companies. It sounds like the lawyers find a good target that probably has skimmed a few bucks off the top somewhere, intentionally or otherwise and then sues on behalf of them. On one hand it’s nice to know that someone is checking the books, but on the other hand they get $90 Mil for saving me $5? Really? I’d just assume let them keep the $5 and maybe since they are not paying so much in legal fees they can lower their price for cell service or whatever down the road. I doubt seriously that the lawsuits do anything for the consumer. All you legal eagles out there let me know your take.

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